Our Story

Impacting Individual's Successes Through The Proven NLP System

The purpose of The Mind Synergy is to help individuals achieve breakthroughs in their own lives through the power of NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP)

We will synergise your THOUGHTS, your EMOTIONS, and your ACTIONS, all into one! You will no longer find yourself torn between these three. Happiness and fulfillment are coming your way...

Offering the highest quality of training in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. We are proud of the results both our students and clients have achieved

Fully accredited with the world’s largest NLP training organisation, the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Tested and Proven System to create success in your life

Passionate Trainer/Coach who has >11 years of real experience in NLP coaching to make impactful changes in an individual's life.

Meet George Lee

Founder of The Mind Synergy

  • Biggest Breakthrough in life in 2008; Emerged as the Champion of The Subaru Challenge 2008, aMind Endurance challenge event held in Asia, outlasting 399 other contestants from five other Asian countries...
  • > 11 years of experiences applying NLP in my own daily life
  • Found the SECRETS and DEVELOPED a system using NLP to create successes in my life (Health, Financial, Family & Career Progression)

My current mission is to help more individuals achieve breakthroughs in their lives using the success formula that I have been practicing for the past 11 years.

Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Happiness is an entitlement! I love seeing lives being turned around.


NLP Master Practitioner

Year 2012

Certified Hypnosis Trainer

Year 2015

Certified NLP Trainer

Year 2017

Certified Time Line Therapy® Trainer

Year 2019

Certified NLP Coach Trainer

Year 2021

Certified NLP Master Trainer

Year 2022

Real Life Experiences

Strong Mindset

Known to have a strong mindset, George was actually diagnosed with dengue fever back in 2015 without him knowing it!

Overcoming Challenge

George suffered severe dehydration during the 50km Trail event (with 60+ obstacles) in Ipoh, Malaysia. He didn’t realise how bad his body state and still made his own way back to Singapore on an 8hrs overnight journey and even reported back to work right away....


Winner of Subaru Challenge 2008
(81hrs 32mins) – 6 years record holder

Minute to Win Challenge (Channel 5) - Winner