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Benefits of Hypnosis – Process of Hypnotherapy | NLP Blog

Hypnosis refers to a psychological state that involves attributes that resemble sleep. Once a person is in hypnosis state he/she will be able to concentrate and also focus more.

This process involves the following techniques:

i) Self-hypnosis

In this technique, the therapists will explain to you how you can induce the process yourself. To achieve this therapist can recommend that you use positive experiences such as imageries that will assist in improving your confidence as you do away with negative thoughts. The main reason for this technique to assist someone to achieve control of perceptions, physical wellness, behavior, emotions and habits.

ii) Mental imagery

In this case, the therapist will stimulate one’s mental imagination by offering vivid mental images. Some of the things involved in these techniques visualizing of engaging in physical competition and winning a trophy.

iii) Delivering hypnotic suggestions through a therapist

In this case, the therapist will point out various suggestions to assist you in achieving your personal goals. He/she will also offer your different practical ways on how you can handle any predicament which may befall you.

There are so many benefits of hypnosis, some of them are:

  • This kind of treatment does not have any sides effects when compared to other treatments. This is because the hypnotherapist can enter the subconscious mind of the patient without any potions or pills.
  • This therapy can be done to any kind of person regardless of gender or age. It’s usually safe for all people despite their health conditions.
  • This therapy is very useful for psychological and physical conditions such as asthma, depression, anxiety, burns, low self-esteem, phobias, irritable bowel syndrome, traumas and pain signs of a migraine.
  • Hypnosis assists in the management of disruptive and addiction habits. Individuals who wish to quit chewing tobacco, alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes can be assisted through hypnosis. Normally, it’s very difficult for one to quit such habits as even medicines cannot assist the user to completely stop them and in many cases, they reduce the damage.

However, with hypnotherapy, such habits can be eradicated slowly through a hypnotherapist who offers the best suggestions on their subconscious. Also, hypnotherapy can be used for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • Hypnosis can also be applied to a group of people simultaneously. This group therapy is usually done to people who work in the same line of the profession such as police forces or military. Thus, this therapy can assist them in countering stress due to the nature of work that they do and to improve their health. It also helps them to perform well in any duties that they are assigned.
  • It assists in improving the immune system of an individual. It does this by removing all the stress and worries experienced in everyday life, thus making the mind to feel at peace. Since stress can ruin the health of the individual, eliminating it through hypnosis will lead to better health. Also when you create a healthy mindset, you boost your immune system.

Through the above benefits which can be obtained through hypnosis, there is doubt that it’s a powerful, safest and best resolution for many physical and mental conditions.

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