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Factors that stop one from achieving their goals

In the world, there are achievers and non-achievers. The key characteristic that differentiate them is their focus on achieving their goals. The achievers consistently keep an eye on their target and work hard until they are there. The non-achievers start with focus but lose it along the way. They usually cannot achieve their goals as they get distracted easily.

What else differentiates the achievers and non-achievers? We share some factors that usually stop people from achieving their goals.

Lack of proper planning

Often, people only think of a goal in mind and imagine that they will achieve it. They do not plan how to reach the goal. There is no plan of action. The only thing that they know is that they want to attain that target. Without planning, the goal will never become a reality.

The first step, therefore, is to have a planner and write down how you want to go about achieving the goal. You can pen down what hurdles you will potentially be faced with and plan out the timeline to reaching the final goal. You may want to create milestones of smaller goals to guide you towards your final goal. To build your capability in planning, you may contact a certified NLP trainer in Singapore to learn the skill set.

Lack of Commitment

Generally, people make their objectives but are not committed to seeing them through. Work gets delayed until the goal becomes too far fetched. This could be due to procrastination or lacking the desire to take action.

Without planning for goal achievement, this commitment level dips further. This is because nobody holds the person accountable for his actions.

Unattainable Goals

How can we walk before learning how to crawl? Goals set have to be realistic. For instance, you want to lose around 20 pounds before your sister’s wedding. However, the marriage is next month. It is unrealistic to lose 20 pounds in a month. This is an example of an unattainable goal. In this instance, you may want to set mid term goals like losing 2 pounds a month over the next 10 months. Mid term goals guide you towards your ultimate goals.

No Motivation

Some people start pursuing the goal with a lot of enthusiasm. However, they lose the motivation to continue. A typical example is when people sign up for annual gym membership out of impulse. Within a month, they are unable to keep up the routine. Hence the goal of losing weight is never attained. The motivation to work on that goal must come from within to make the motivation sustainable.

Summing Up

Having a goal and executing it successfully are separate techniques that we must acquire. If you are amongst those who lose focus easily, the above reasons may explain why. However, if nothing works, you go under the tutelage of a NLP trainer. You will learn techniques to remain focused and motivated, thus helping you achieve your goals.

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