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Following mindfulness at work with these simple tactics

We all spend a considerable time of the day in our offices. However, most people find time management challenging and end up doing two or three tasks simultaneously. At the outset, it is easy to assume this would help accomplish the tasks earlier. But we do not realize that multitasking stops us from being utterly mindful at the workplace.

Here we will tell you how to practice mindfulness at work using these simple tricks.

Being present there

The easiest way to remain mindful is to be fully conscious of your surroundings. For example, if you are writing a report, you must choose your words carefully. However, all we do is think about some other topic of interest, and all our attention vanishes.

You must make an effort to work more consciously, even if it means that you are slow initially. Do not ignore any task just because it is boring or mundane. For example, if you are printing invoices, you could take that time to close your eyes and relax. Undergo NLP for stuck people to rid yourself of any anxiety.

Focus on just doing one task at a time

This is probably the one thing that most people fail at. The common belief is that multi-tasking enhances productivity. So employees keep jumping from one task to another. Here are ways in which you can get rid of this habit:

  • Fix short intervals of time in which you will complete one task. Make sure you adhere to the deadline. If your mind wanders, ensure that you return to your task before the time limit is over.
  • The distractions like phones and email should be kept aside. Put the mobile on silent and log off from the email while you finish the job at hand.
  • It is better to practice mindfulness so you can increase your focus. After completing a task, get up and take a break, stretch and take some deep breaths.

Put reminders

Most people remain distracted at work because they have a habit of forgetting that they have to be mindful. As long as you do not forget essential things, life is not affected. But during work, this could be a problem. Setting reminders might prove helpful when the tendency is to lose focus.

  • Set reminders for mindfulness exercises where you can just be yourself
  • Make a habit to Post notes asking to be mindful on your computer
  • Relate some of your tasks with mindfulness, like when finishing a job or during lunch breaks.
  • Connect notification sounds like a sign of being mindful. The more notifications and alarm bells ring, the more you will learn to be mindful.

Summing up

In today’s world, we all deal with a lot of workplace stress. Plus, the burden of work stops us from realizing our true potential. To overcome this, you can undertake an NLP for lost people course. This course would enlighten you on how to be mindful and work sincerely towards achieving a goal.

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