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Four Types of Failure We Commonly Experience

Failure is an integral part of our lives. We all fail at some point or another. Be it the failure of a relationship or being down in your job, everyone will pass through that stage. Those who claim that they have never failed, either do not understand what failure is or are just trying to fool themselves. However, failure need not be seen in a negative way. It can be a stepping stone to future success if we choose to take it as feedback. Here we will discuss four types of failure and how they affect us.

Abject failure

One of the most challenging failures that people experience is to lose something deeply significant to them. This could be loss of good health or a cherished relationship. When people lose the trust and respect of their loved ones, it can be extremely distressing and difficult to go through.

However, it is not a life-ending situation. In fact, situations like that could happen again. With experience, one must know how to handle it if a similar situation arises. To understand how you can manage your emotions and overcome challenging situations, you can go for a life coach course Singapore to learn the skill set.

Glorious failure

Glorious failure is when you invest all your time and effort to complete the task but does not achieve the desired results. It is not easy to cope knowing that you have given your all. This failure gives us the chance to work on our resilience mindset.

Rather than seeing what has failed, look at what can be improved on. Only after a person has gone through such a failure does he try to achieve greatness through other forms. With a growth and resilient mindset we can overcome any obstacles.

Common failure

This probably is something that we experience every now and then. For instance, forgetting our appointments, not performing the best for presentation, forgetting to withdraw cash for our meals etc. Common failure happens frequently and, despite being careful, will happen again.

There are no specific formulas or methods to deal with this type of failure. You just have to take it lightly and move on.

Predicted failure

The predicted failure is a situation that arises when we go into trial and error. Those who are constantly developing and trying out ideas tend to experience predicted failure. Some of these ideas are successful, while others fail, and you can do nothing about it. The critical aspect when faced with such failure is to deal with your emotions and get onto the next idea. Generally, by accepting the outcome, you can handle predicted failure well.

Summing up

Failure should never stop you from striving for excellence. It can only be a roadblock, and that is how you should treat it. Learning from mistakes is crucial to reduce the chances of future failures. If that is something you cannot do, then enrolling yourself in a life coach course can provide the necessary guidance. Build your resilient mindset and look at failures as feedback to improve on your next try

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