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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course

Hypnotherapy course is designed for people who have some basic hypnosis skills and want to improve their skills. The course is entirely built on live examples! Citizens with health problems, with addictions on which hypnotherapy will be demonstrated, with a detailed analysis are invited.

Many diseases are the result of psychological overload, stress, fears. It is with them, internal conflicts and problems, that hypnotherapy works, which is aimed at the psychological healing of a person, and then at his biological recovery.

What will this course give you?

The Hypnotherapy practitioner course will help you solve any requests of your patients in a short time. The course will assist in analyzing the basic classical principles of psychic and synthesis, and cases of psychosomatic and somatic disorders. In this course, you will receive the multifaceted skill of using hypnosis in any situation. It will help you get a tool for effective work on the psyche of other people. And this is only a small fraction of the real possibilities that hypnotherapy will open before you!

What you will learn in a Hypnotherapy practitioner course?

  • Hypnotic analysis.
  • The basics of hypnotherapy, and solving client requests for (weight correction, stuttering, getting rid of all kinds of addictions, etc.).
  • Effective suggestions for psychosomatic diseases.
  • Encodings for the restructuring of the psyche and the body as a whole.
  • Learn to gain confidence in any person on an unconscious level.
  • You can quickly immerse any person in a trance.
  • To cause and use hypnotic phenomena (amnesia, analgesia, hallucinations, etc.).
  • Bring trance and immerse the person in hypnosis to the desired depth.
  • Work in a trance, give attitudes, and make suggestions.
  • Bring a person to a deep state of hypnosis.
  • Do tests to determine the depth of trance.
  • Work with psychosomatics and neurosis.
  • Learn regressive and progressive hypnosis.
  • You can improve and hone your hypnotizing skills.
  • You will become more effective and will be able to better, deeper, and faster help your customers.

Advantages of getting a Hypnotherapy practitioner course

You will be able to master the main tools.

You will be able to perfectly work on the key in the hypnosis model, get confident speech and firm suggestion for work, learn to move a person along his timeline in Regressive Hypnosis, and also immerse in hypnosis in a few seconds using Instant Hypnosis. This will allow you to get all the necessary knowledge to work with people. You learn not only to induce a trance state but also to work with psycho-injuries and psychosomatics. This allows you to help: rid people of mental and physical pain.

You will be able to learn how to immerse people in a hypnotic state.

You will pass training on a holistic, systematic hypnosis course, which contains all the best-applied methods of hypnotherapy. The duration of the course allows everyone to learn how to immerse people in a hypnotic state and to visit it themselves.


The course contains many demos and group guidance. This allows you to see how a specialist performs a particular technique, and your training will go by leaps and bounds.

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