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George Lee

Our Founder & Master Trainer

What is Your Motivation?

My current mission is to help more individuals achieve breakthroughs in their lives using the success formula that I have been practicing for the past 12 years.

Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Happiness is an entitlement! I love seeing lives being turned around.

International Speaker

Ex-Military Officer
2023 Champion of Viper100
Champion of The Subaru Challenge 2008
NLP Master Trainer




Recognition Award

Walking the Talk

Viper100 Champion (Veteran Category) 2023

Mind over body – Still walking the talk to maximise our performance, starting from our mind.

Winner of Subaru Challenge 2008
(81hrs 32mins) – 6 years record holder

Minute to Win Challenge (Channel 5) – Winner

Hear from our Founder

His Unrivaled Motivation to start off TheMindSynergy

Education Journey

NLP Master Practitioner
Year 2012

Certified Hypnosis Trainer
Year 2015

Certified NLP Trainer
Year 2017

Certified Time Line Therapy® Trainer
Year 2019

Certified NLP Coach Trainer
Year 2021

Certified NLP Master Trainer
Year 2022

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