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Real Customers, Real Talk

While attending the course, I started to see things from a different perspective and in a positive mode. From then on, my life was always impacted positively whenever I make a decision.

Phoebe, Financial Advisor

The course is enriching and fulfilling.
I would love to apply all the NLP technqiues learnt to my career when dealings with
certain work activities.

Pei Ling, Civil Servant

I took up this NLP course because I have a passion to be career coach which will bring meaning and clarity into people’s life. This course has helped me to kickstart my journey to be an even better career coach. I found my first client even before the course ended!

Veronica, Financial Advisor

Everything starts in the mind. The NLP techniques taught at The Mind Synergy transformed my thinking and gave me clarity on my purpose and where I should put my energy on. With the life-long skills learnt, I am on my way to create my best life.

Norizah, Civil Servant

George is an inspiring trainer who focuses on transforming lives. The things we learn not only impact our life but also those around us.

Rachel, Career Coach

Thank you Coach George for bringing the marvelous experience of learning NLP. He is passionate, motivated, and sincere to expand our best potential. it was a true pleasure learning from him in both practitioner and master practitioner courses.

Rayson, Entrepreneur

The passion of coach george is unparalleled. Great trainer with a heart of gold. More people should learn this art from him. And the world will be a better place. When john Lennon wrote the song ‘imagine’, it appears as a prediction of what george is contributing to mankind. Keep up the great work and hope our paths can fuse. Being the circuit breaker to finally understand the last frontier in the anatomy of our mind.

Mag, Entrepreneur

TMS runs high quality NLP training courses that equip participants with useful tools to move mental mountains and re-route you away from dead-ends. Satellite navigation for the mind. Can highly recommend their trainers and courses.

Jake, Business Owner

If you want to kick start your journey on NLP. George should be the person to look for.

He possess a great depth of knowledge in this field and he is so willing to impart his wealth (knowledge) as long as you are willing to learn from him.

Stay in the cause side and let him be the catalyst.

Clifton, Corporate Trainer

After learning NLP, i find myself being able to focus on my tasks better and dealing with my work with less stress, as I could better manage my time and emotions. It also allowed me to connect with myself and understand my own feelings on a deeper level. I managed to quell my unexplained fears and anxieties through self-discovery. I was also able to improve my interpersonal relationships with those around me, be it my coworkers or my friends and family, strengthening my bonds with them.

Chee Ling

George is friendly & understanding. He is able to make the training easy to comprehend with lots of real life examples. Lots more to learn from this highly energised top notch trainer!

Siew Ling, Nurse

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