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Ways to tackle nightmares

We all love a good night’s sleep. The following day we want to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Having nightmares can disturb your sleep and affect your day. It is normal to have a nightmare occasionally. However, frequent nightmares are a sign of concern. There is something wrong in either your sleep pattern or daily routine. Read on to find out how to tackle frequent nightmares.

Establish a fixed sleep routine

Do you have irregular sleeping hours? If yes, then that could be the reason why you are facing frequent nightmares. Decide on a fixed sleeping time and your comfortable sleeping position that allows you to sleep peacefully. It is recommended by experts to rest your body by 11pm and with 8 hours of sleep. Avoid electronic usage before hitting the bed. You may also look for a coach or therapist with training on Hypnosis in Singapore to improve your quality of sleep.

Reduce alcohol consumption

There is a common saying that consuming alcohol before bed will help us sleep better. However, it does the opposite. This is a fact not many people are aware of. For better sleep, you can go for herbal teas and other beverages. If you cannot do without alcohol, you can have one glass of it, no less than three hours before bedtime.

Stop eating before bed

Any kind of snacking before bed is not correct. It makes your body feel energetic hence it is hard to sleep. Even if you doze off, you will not have quality sleep. Ideally, you should stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

Reduce stress

Our dreams are often a reflection of what we face in the day. If you are stressed due to work or personal relationships, it can translate into your dreams. Any unpleasant occurrence can then cause a nightmare. Try to relax yourself before you go to sleep. There are relaxation techniques such as practicing yoga or meditation to help your mind and body to relax.

Avoid seeing and reading scary content

If you have the habit of reading books before sleep, do ensure that it is not of the horror genre. This is to avoid bringing the scary images and ideas to sleep. Scary content elicits negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, which can make your body hard to relax. You can drain your energy in the day with activities that are positive by nature. This could include playing with kids, talking to your spouse, etc.

Summing up

Having nightmares frequently affect your quality of sleep. Your performance level in the day will drop. That can affect your life, be it on your work or quality time spent with family. By following the tips above, you will improve your quality of sleep. Hence, reducing the likelihood of nightmares to occur frequently. You can work with a coach who specializes in hypnosis to improve your quality of sleep. They would also be able to guide you in remaining stress-free.

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